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    Clubs 2015-2016

    MON |1245 - 1315 | Brass Ensemble B9| Music ICT club B8

    TUES |1245 - 1315 |Wind Band B9  Guitars B8

    WED |1245 - 1315 | String Orchestra B9  | Lunchtime Concerts B8

    THU |1240 - 1320 Invoice B9

    FRI |1240 - 1320   Jazz Band B9 | GCSE Composition Clinic B8

    Timetables will be displayed downstairs in the main block outside the KS3 office, and in Brookfield Courtyard. The designated instrument store is upstairs in Brookfield Cottage (Room B6a) or store in a locker. Instruments must be insured and taken home overnight; the school can not be held responsible for loss or damage.

    Lesson times will be displayed in the main block and in Brookfield. Teaching rooms:

    Mr J Brewer | Guitar |Room B7
    Ms. A Moisey | Brass |Room B6c
    Mrs L Morton |Strings | Room B6b

    Mr J Brewer | Guitar | Room B7
    Mr I Lemon |Percussion  | Room B6c
    Mr R Clarke | Woodwind | Room B5
    Mrs M Smith| Cello | Room B8

    Mrs C McKee |Singing | Room B6b
    Mrs L Morton |Upper Strings | Room B5
    Mr P Snell | Viol |Room B6b
    Mrs O Walton |Piano | Room B7
    Mrs O Walton | Piano |Room B7
    Mr M Edwards |Percussion  | Room B6c
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      Old School Song and House Rounds
      Each House (Barton, Denton, Newton, Ruding, Stratton, Verney) has a song which can be performed as a Round. Download SCORCH: free software to view, play and customise the music. For example change the tempo and transpose the key to suit your voice.
      Link to House Rounds